When The United Nations (UN) asked the leaders of the world to make a set of promises called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their goal was to make the world a better place.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)  isn’t only for large corporations. There are opportunities for businesses too. The United Nations SDGs offer a content and time framework to translate and explain the 17 goals to future grown-ups for the next 15 years, up to 2030. They offer a chance for businesses to make both a profit and a difference.

The 17 The SDGs cover every aspect of life. Think of them as 17 Promises we are making to future generations. The United Nations believes that no-one and no country should be left behind.  However, they explain the goals in a way that is hard for young children to understand. We have set out to explain the goals and what they mean to everyone, from young children to adults by creating a supplement called 17 Promises.

We feel that children should understand the SDGs because they will be the grown-ups in 2030 when the time comes to decide of the goals worked, or not. They are, in fact 17 promises we are making to the children of today, or the grown-ups of tomorrow.. 

Tell us what you or your business does.

Some small businesses have a purpose; a framework for making decisions and defines what they stand for besides their bottom line.

Link your purpose and beliefs with social responsibility through the SDGs

Many consumers, especially millennials, value social purpose above all when deciding to spend their money. In the US, a 2012 study found that more than half of consumers said that if price and quality were equal, the brand’s social purpose would be the most important factor when they’re purchasing something.  

In the same year a different survey asked if people agreed or disagreed with the statement; “By choosing to do business with companies that are more socially responsible, I can make a difference in this world.”
63% agreed.

We’ll help connect your company’s purpose and ideals to SDGs. 

Your company purpose should inform your business strategies to drive growth. We’ll map it to an SDG and help you create content that explains it to our young audience and their grown-ups and measure the progress of your involvement.

The 17 Goals, or Promises as we like to call them

The goals, or Promises, are a combination of ambitions and challenges to all countries, rich and poor. Countries will do what they can in the best ways possible for them. This really means that there is no common starting point. 

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