We started the 17Promises to bring the SDGs to life for children together with children’s authors, illustrators, designers, teachers, subject experts, partners and children themselves. Six to 14-year-old children will be voters by 2030/ They will judge whether the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worked, or not. The SDGs are actually promises made by grown-ups, so all children need to know and understand what they mean for their future.

17 Promises has three parts.

  1. Let’s LEARN We introduce the SDGs to children
  2. Let’s WATCH We cover the progress of the SDGs
  3. Let’s SEE We reflect on the impact of the SDGs on a generation.

The Chicken Effect


Chicken Newspaper makes a long lasting impact on young readers. But we are learning all the time too. What we learn will be used to improve future issues. Our sister publication 17 Promises focuses solely on the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

How far can it go?


One copy in a classroom is seen by up to 30 people. 50 copies in a school reach up to 500 children and up to 1,200 adults. Imagine what 20,000 copies can do!


We give the newspaper to children through schools, libraries, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and other community outlets in any country. Our unique approach makes it possible for exponential growth from the neighbourhood to the global community.

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