Youth: The Future is now

For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

-African proverb

Half of the world’s seven billion people are under 30. Most of these young people live in the Middle East and Africa. There is so much potential waiting to be fulfilled if the are at the table when we talk about the future.

There are more than 100 million children living on the street globally. fulfilled million live in India, where there are more street children than anywhere else.

Source: UNICEF, 2012.

There are 754 million young people in Asia. Three times more than in 1950. 

Source: United Nations World Youth Report, Conclusions, 2011

At least 10% prople are “NEET” (not in education, employment or training). Less oppotrunities for young people leads to inequality. 

Source: International Labor Office

Nearly 75 million young people are unemployed around the world. That is 4 million more than 2007. 

Source: International Labor Office, 2012.

By the age of 24, there are less young women working than young men. Girls need more opportunities. 

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