Education Can Win in Nigeria

In 2018 the Nigerian population was expected to grow by about 5 million people and reach 199,805,437 in the beginning of 2019. There are almost 80 million boys and girls under 15 years old.

Here are some important facts;

About 68,5 million Nigerians aged 15 years and over can read and write. About 46 million adults are illiterate.

14%, or 14 out of every 100 children go to pre-school. 

70%, or 70 out of every 100 children go to primary school.

96.5% or nearly 97 out of every 100 children make it to the end of primary school.

Education can win in a couple of ways. Firstly, the government could build more quality schools with libraries and trains more teachers. Furthermore, businesses can make a huge impact by talking, donating, and spending a fraction of their profits to educate future generations.

More children in classrooms and more books isn’t the only answer.

The result could be the next industry leader, Nobel winning scientist, president or greater.

Data Source: “Nigeria population literacy”. Based on the latest data published by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (retrieved March 13, 2016).

The Maurice Akueme Foundation is a charitable foundation working primarily in Nigeria. It aims to make the lives of Nigerians better, to fight poverty through education and to promote the welfare of children in need.

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