Our biggest supporters are passionate about educating young children.

Introducing Chicken Newspaper Membership

We wanted to see how children would respond to news presented to them like the childrens books they know and love. It worked and we continued developing this style of journalism which includes local business and community.

Our Members help to bring current affairs into the primary school classroom or living room. These are Donors who give their time, money, or ideas without expectation; Subscribers, who receive Chicken newspaper in print or on a screen three times a year; Investors who take part in distribution projects of the newspaper, books and educational material to communities around the world.

In return, we include them in how we communicate to our young audience. We inform them of any events that might be of interest, and recognise with gratitude what they do for us and our readers. They keep us moving forward with purpose.


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1 - 3 readers
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30-500 readers
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ebook (10% off) x 5
Monthly Downloads - teacher material, posters, information sheets and ebooklets
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