The Fire Children

The Fire Children

The Fire Children

ISBN: 978-1847806529

by Eric Maddern & Frané Lessac

In the Fire Children, the first man and woman on Earth are lonely after the God Nyame created them. They decide to make children dolls with clay. But every time they create new ones, Nyame interrupts. He wants to know how things are going on Earth. Man and woman end up burning some of the clay children figures in the fire, or barely baking others.

When the figures are finally ready, they are all very different, even if they come from the same family!

A fabulous and poetic way to explain the origin of the different appearances of people on Earth. Moreso, the story and its beautiful illustrations promote love towards different people.

Eric Maddern studied psychology and sociology at Sheffield University. Well-travelled, he holds storytelling events in his house. There are many African folktales available in collections, something that most likely leads to them not being read as much, but we like this approach and the way the book has been put together.

Frané Lessac has illustrated over 30 books for children. She holds The Muriel Barwell for Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature.

Review by Florianne Wund

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