What is Citizen Science?

Millie Kerr is an American writer and wildlife conservationist based in London. She loves animals big and small, and supports their protection through writing and photography. Mille explains what citizen scientists are all about.

One Less Giraffe In The World Is Not A Good Thing

There is a photo of an American woman called Tess Thompson Talley posing with the dead body of a giraffe on social media. She made the kill in South Africa in 2017 and wrote; “Prayers for my once in a lifetime dream hunt came true today! Spotted this rare black giraffe bull and stalked him for quite…… Continue reading One Less Giraffe In The World Is Not A Good Thing

When a Zoo Messes Up…

Millions of children have only ever seen wildlife by visiting of a zoo. They provide valuable research. But sometimes things go wrong. When a zoo messes up, it places the lives of the animals inside it at risk. The first zoos, or menageries, were private collections of animals owned by wealthy people to show off their power. These…… Continue reading When a Zoo Messes Up…

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