What is Child Mortality?

Child mortality, also known as child death, refers to the death of children under the age of 14. It includes neonatal mortality, under-5 mortality, and mortality of children aged 5–14. Child mortality is a scientific way to talk about death. In real everyday language, though, it is about families and how they manage to survive day after day. There are still too many children under five…… Continue reading What is Child Mortality?

How Much Pi?

Emma Haruka Iwao, who works at Google, used Google Cloud computing to calculate 31.4 trillion digits of pi. This is the first time some used publicly available cloud software for an enormous pi calculation. Peter Trueb set the previous world record in 2016, calculating the digits of pi to 22.4 trillion digits. Emma loved pi…… Continue reading How Much Pi?

Elephants don’t forget. Let’s not forget them.

An elephant’s memory and intelligence is the key to its survival. In the wild each herd is led by one older female, or matriarch. When they come across another group of elephants, the matriarch will get into a defensive position because she realises that those elephants could threaten the safety of the herd. Aristotle described the elephant as “the animal…… Continue reading Elephants don’t forget. Let’s not forget them.

What is Citizen Science?

Millie Kerr is an American writer and wildlife conservationist based in London. She loves animals big and small, and supports their protection through writing and photography. Mille explains what citizen scientists are all about.

Are Scary Stories Good For Children?

In 2016 researchers working for The Book People and asked 1000 parents if they like to read scary stories to their children. This is what they found: 78% of parents (that’s almost 8 out of 10 parents) said that baddies helped children tell the difference between good and evil. 53% (just over half) that they helped children “learn…… Continue reading Are Scary Stories Good For Children?

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