Billions of people still don't drink or use water that is safe. One of the 17 Promises the world made was to ensure that everyone can get clean, safe water by 2030. Is there enough water for everyone? Less than half of the world's countries are unlikely to make this promise happen by 2030. Here… Continue reading Is There Enough Water For everyone?

How Much Pi?

Emma Haruka Iwao, who works at Google, used Google Cloud computing to calculate 31.4 trillion digits of pi. This is the first time some used publicly available cloud software for an enormous pi calculation. Peter Trueb set the previous world record in 2016, calculating the digits of pi to 22.4 trillion digits. Emma loved pi…… Continue reading How Much Pi?

Promise 13 – Climate Action

Promise 13 – Climate Action is meant to improve the world’s climates. We produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) every year. The sun’s rays warm the Earth, keeping everything from freezing. But carbon dioxide (CO2) from cars and factories and homes slows down or stops the heat from the rays escaping back into space. So the…… Continue reading Promise 13 – Climate Action

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