Children read news. Newspapers don’t usually count on them as typical readers, but parents know that when they are learning to read, any text will be used as practice. This includes news headlines on front pages and screens. How do you explain the headlines in context in a calm way?

Do you see yourself as partner?

The Climate Action issue

Chicken! Newspaper brings current affairs into the classroom. Its specially written and illustrated to capture each reader’s imagination and help children read news! Our fantastic partners have made it possible for us to reach children in over 40 outlets in the London area, including schools, cafes and doctors' surgeries. One copy of chicken newspaper in a classroom makes an impact in a whole school.

  • Three deliveries of the newspaper and supplement on behalf of your organization throughout the school year.
  • A reach of up to 8000+ children, and 240+ teachers and 15,000+ adults a year
  • A unique, focused involvement in current affairs, community information and the SDGs


We want to reach every school child everywhere

We are proud that we can translate grown up issues for our young readers and keep them engaged. We're also excited about reaching as many children as we can in the coming years. So, do you or your organisation have something they want to say to future generations?

We can help feed their minds. Get in touch!